Plumeria Travel Set – Malie

Summertime Self-Care ~ The beauty products you need to thrive in the sun and sea.

Summertime is a great season to slow down, let go and unwind.  Trips to the beach, vacations, picnics, pool parties; they are such great events that feed the soul. Although this season brings with it so many fun times it can also carry some harsh conditions. The things we love most about summer- the sun and the ocean- can be harsh on our skin.

Plumeria Body Cream – Malie

Sunny Goddess is proud to offer beauty products that will protect your skin, so that you can enjoy all that the summer has to offer, without any of the worry. We are so excited to be carrying Malie organics. These lovely products are made in Hawaii with all natural, organic ingredients. These products center around Hawaiian Hydrosols creating hand-crafted aromatic floral waters that infuse all their products. Not only do they smell magical, the packaging is pretty enough to be giftable, and the products nourish your skin in a healthy way. We love the body cream to help keep your skin supple and combat the sun drying it out and the body polish to get you ready to shine at the beach. We’ve also include a travel pack so you can carry along all these essentials for your vacation.

Florida Salt Scrub 12.01 oz – Coconut

We’ve also partnered with a local Florida company, Florida Glow Salt Scrubs, to bring you some truly amazing products. These unique products use salts collected from the Atlantic Ocean that begin in the ecosystems in mangrove areas. These systems use a filtration process, that could only be created by mother nature, which removes all undesirable elements. The result is a soft, smooth salt scrub that delivers important minerals to the skin leaving you feeling wildly smooth. They’ve also created a spray lotion and bath fizzie’s that work to keep you glowing like the goddess you are.

So soak in the sun, run your feet through the sand, swim in the ocean, just remember to care for your skin while you do. Try these wonderfully healthy beauty products to keep you smooth and supple. Shine on sister!

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